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Sea Ark 2272

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Sea Ark 2272 Yamaha F115 EZ Trailer
Length 22' 4 Cyl. B1922/2500
Beam 95” 106.2 C.I. Wt. 717 lbs.
Bottom Width 72” DOHC 14” Wheels
Inside Depth 28” Elec. Start Bunks
Max H.P. 145 Power Trim & Tilt  
Max Wt. 2500 lbs. Weight: 415 lbs  
Weight 870 lbs.    
Bottom Gauge .125    
Aluminum Floor    

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Standard Features
Center Console or Tiller
4 Life Vests
Throwable Cushion
Fire Extinguisher
Flare Kit
Boat Hook
18 lb Anchor
50 Ft. of Rope
6 Ft. of Chain
Trailer Side Guides
Spare Tire & Mount
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